Newark Airport Transportation

Newark Airport is equipped with a wide variety of means of transport, not only to transfer to New York City, but also to Newark City, Jersey City and Elizabeth City. See below the available transportation options at Newark Airport:

Newark Airport to city centre

Best way to get to city centre from Newark is by a taxi or transfer. Also a good option is the Airport Express, but it takes more time to get to your destination. 

Air Train

The AirTrain system is the inter-terminal monorail which connects Newark Airport Terminals with the Newark Liberty International Airport Rail Link Station in order to transfer to New Jersey Transit Service trains.

It is also the way to transfer between terminals. 

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Airport Express

Get information about the most used transportation service to get to New York City, the Airport Express Bus. 

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Get to Midtown Manhattan from Newark Airport within 34 minutes by taxi and other locations such as Elizabeth City (10 minutes) and Jersey City (17 minutes).

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If you want private transportation to and from Newark Airport you can book a transfer. 

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From Newark Airport you can transfer by bus to many locations within New Jersey and New York states such as Manhattan, Jersey City, Elizabeth City and Newark City.

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Car Rental

Renting a car is a great option to move around the area. Check our search engine and find the best offer for your car. 

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Private Shuttle

GO Airlink NYC

Get more information about the private shuttle companies which offer service to and from Newark Airport.

There are also many private shuttles operating between Manhattan, Newark, JFK, LaGuardia, and other destinations. Go Airlink NYC

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