Newark Airport Terminals

Newark airport (EWR) has three terminals: A, B and C. Each terminal has three concourses and Terminal A and B building have four levels.


Terminal C is the United terminal newark airport: Only operates flights of United. Altought this, some flights of united / united express are operated from Terminal A and B.


Terminal A

It has three Concourses: A1, A2 and A3. Each concourse has a Club Lounge. Terminal A has a total of 29 gates that are numbered from A10.

- Concourse A1: it has gates from A10 to A18.

- Concourse A2: it has gates from A20 to A25, A26A, A26B, A27, A28.

- Concourse A3: it has gates from A30 to A39.


Terminal A building has four levels: Level 1, 2, 3 and gates level.

It is operated by United Airlines and handles all non-United Airlines domestic flights, Canadian and some United Express.



Airlines that operate from the Terminal:

- Air Canada

- Alaska Airlines

- American

- JetBlue

- Southwest

- United Express

- Virgin America


Services and facilities provided at the terminal A

Wi-Fi access is available through all the terminal, A shuttle service connects Terminal A with Terminal C, Airline Clubs, ATMs, Currency Exchange, Baggage Claim, Ground Transportation: Buses, Airtrain Station, Taxis, Ground Transportation Information Center, Check-In counters, Elevators, Escalators/Stairs, Hotel/Motel Courtesy Phone, Rental Car Parking, Rental Car and Hotel Shuttles, Restrooms


Terminal a is the closest terminal to the Daily Parking (P3) at the airport as well as the Short-Term Parking. It is planned to do a refurbishment and expand Terminal A adding a new Parking Garage and more gates, check-ins, among other facilities.


Terminal A is the only terminal at Newark airport that doesn’t handle international flights and this is the reason why it doesn’t have immigration facilities. Note: flights from countries with US customs preclearance can use Terminal A.



Terminal B

Terminal B has 24 gates divided in three concourses: B1, B2 and B3.

- Concourse B1: has gates B40, B41A, B41B, from B43 to B45, B46A, B46B, B47.

- Concourse B2: has gates B51-B57.

- Concourse B3: has gates B60-B63, B65-B68.


It is the only passenger terminal that it is directly operated by the Port Authority, Terminal A and C are operated by United Airlines.

TB only manages flights with foreign carriers: JetBlue’s Caribbean flights, Delta, Delta Connection and some internationals flights handled by United. It is located near the Short-Term parking, as well as the other two terminals A and C.



Airlines that operate at Terminal B:

- Aer Lingus

- Air China

- Air India

- Allegiant

- Austrian Airlines

- British Airways

- Cathay Pacific

- Delta

- El Al

- Elite Airways

- Ethiopian Airlines

- Icelandair

- Jet Airways

- LaCompagnie

- Lot Polish

- Lufthansa

- OpenSkies

- Porter


- Spirit

- Swiss

- TAP Portugal

- United

- Virgin Atlantic

- Wow Air


Services and availabilities at Terminal C

Welcome Center, Airline Clubs, ATM, Currency Exchange, Baggage Claim, Bus Stops, Parking, Car Rental, Check-In, Elevator, Escalators/Stairs, Hotel/Motel, Courtesy Phone, Ground Transportation Information Point, Restrooms and Wi-Fi


Terminal C - United

As well as the other two terminals, Terminal C is divided in three Concourses: C1, C2 and C3.

- Concourse C1: it has gates from C70 to C75, from C80 to C88 and from C90 to C99.

- Concourse C2: it has gates C101A, C102A, C103A-B, C104A-B, C106A, C107A-B, C108A-B, C109A, C110A-B, C111A, C112A-B, C113A-B, C114A-B and C115A-B.

- Concourse C3: from C120 to C128 and from C130 to C139. Between Concourse C2 and Concourse C3 there it is located the United Club Lounge. Terminal C has 68 gates, the numbered gates ends with gate C139.



United is the only airline that use the terminal (and its short haul carrier United Express) and Terminal C it is operated by this airline.


Terminal C divides the check-ins between international and domestic that are located in two ticketing levels. Mezzanine Level (between the two ticketing floors) - has the boarding gates, shops and restaurants. It is located near the Short-Term parking and the Economy Long-Term Parking.


Services and facilities at the airport

Airline Clubs, ATM, Currency Exchange, Baggage Claim, AirTrain Station, Bus Stops, Check-In, Concierge Services, Elevators, Escalators/Stairs, Ground Transportation Information Center, Parking, Restrooms, Shuttle From Terminal A to C, U.S Immigration and Wi-Fi


There is a project to renovate Terminal C that will add more than 50 new restaurants during the next years.